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ICP Measurement for Precious Metals

Fire Assay AnalysisThe ICP equipment is a sophisticated high precision instrument used to measure any combination of metals to parts-per-million levels of accuracy. Extremely small traces of metals can be detected using this equipment. At United, we use the ICP equipment to determine all precious metals content in refining lots to parts-per-million levels so our customers can get the maximum return on their refining materials. All Platinum Group metals and alloys are also analyzed using the ICP equipment.

Analytical Services for Precious Metals and Jewelry

Our refining customers as well as our product customers benefit from United's advanced analytical services laboratory. Fire assay, x-ray analysis and ICP are all used to detect payable metals in a refining lot and as quality control so you know each jewelry manufacturing product you buy from United is pure and free of any dangerous metals like cadmium.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,812.21 +$5.16/+0.29%
Silver $23.39 +$0.13/+0.56%
Platinum $963.59 +$0.54/+0.06%
Palladium $2,337.99 -$10.22/-0.43%
Gold 2020-11-25 3:50 AM
Bid/Ask $1,812.21/$1,812.90
High/Low $1,815.29/$1,801.69
Change +$5.16/+0.29%
Silver 2020-11-25 3:50 AM
Bid/Ask $23.39/$23.40
High/Low $23.52/$23.10
Change +$0.13/+0.56%
Platinum 2020-11-25 3:50 AM
Bid/Ask $963.59/$965.75
High/Low $969.52/$960.45
Change +$0.54/+0.06%
Palladium 2020-11-25 3:50 AM
Bid/Ask $2,337.99/$2,349.58
High/Low $2,357.11/$2,332.63
Change -$10.22/-0.43%

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